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6 Facts You Should Know If You Love Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas tend to be a classic and our favorite summer bloom. They are some of the most beautiful and most loved flowers in the world. With over 75 species, hydrangeas come in a wide variety that suits every gardener’s taste.

Hydrangeas are available in multiple shades including blue, and purple, as well as rustic green, and creamy white. Because of their versatility and appealing eye-catching appearance, they’re well-known as cut flowers. The large blooms and various lace-like petals make it a stunning focal point.

No matter whether you’re looking for secret tricks to keep your buds alive year-round or just have curiosity about when and where hydrangeas were first grown, this article will answer all your questions. Yes, let’s explore the top facts of hydrangea.

Hydrangea Has A Greek Meaning ‘Water Vessel’

The hydrangea has its name that comes from the Ancient Greek words for ‘water vessel’, ‘hyder’, and ‘angos’. “Hyder” means water and “agos” means vessel or jar. It emphasizes the need to water hydrangea continuously. The name was given to it as the seed capsules on hydrangeas resemble cups.

The name hydrangea fits it because it loves water and as cut flowers, they tend to be thirsty. Whenever you get a bunch of hydrangeas, you should put them in water to make them look appealing. Besides, you should top up the water continuously and change it after a couple of days so that these beautiful booms stay fresh and last longer.

Each Color Has A Different Meaning

The hydrangea has different meanings for its colors.

  • Purple means understanding, pride, royalty
  • Blue means gratitude, apology, understanding
  • Pink means true feeling, romance, sincere emotions
  • White means grace, vanity, purity

Hydrangeas Were In Blake Lively's Wedding Bouquet

This could be one of the facts. I’m sure the actress must have explored and read up on the facts on hydrangea facts. This is because she opted to choose the romantic pink ones in her wedding to Ryan Reynolds dated back to 2012.

Hydrangeas Don't Have Petals

The most beautiful petals in hydrangeas aren't petals at all but sepals. Yes, you’ve heard that right! They are sepals, a kind of leaves that tend to protect the very flower’s bud. Only after aging, do they turn from green to pigmented colors.

These Flowers Drink Through Their Sepals

You may, or may not know that the hydrangeas drink water through their sepals. Yes, and that’s why you should spray their colorful sepals with water multiple times a day. Doing so can help them look more fresh and lovely.

Hydrangeas Have Over 75 Species

There are more than 75 species of hydrangeas, however, only six major ones are grown in American gardens. They include panicle, bigleaf, smooth, oakleaf, climbing, and mountain. Each one of the species of hydrangea needs different kinds of sunlight, soil, and blooming time.


That’s all about the facts of hydrangeas. We tried to include all the rare facts of the very bloom. If you’re a lover of hydrangeas, you may have liked this blog. Happy reading!

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