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Flowers That Symbolize Femininity

Flowers have been associated with various cultural symbols and messages and each bloom carries its own specific meaning. From love and affection to devotion and happiness and optimism, flowers have always been the way to celebrate each emotion. In this guide, we’re going to let you know the top flowers that tend to symbolize femininity. Let’s explore!

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses tend to celebrate female friendship, hence, they make excellent presents for women friends. We noticed that these cheery blooms play a role as a ray of sunshine in a bouquet. The initial variety of the very flower grew wild in the 18th century and became popular across the world.

Pink Roses

Having their soft, smooth petals and amazing fragrance, pink roses are generally associated with femininity, grace as well as admiration. There are a wide number of writers, poets, and artists across the world who have immortalized the rose through their memorable works over the years. They used the classic flower to celebrate women’s beauty and strengths.


For International Women’s Day dated back to 1946, the Italian feminists selected the mimosa as the official flower. They opt to choose the bright yellow mimosa as it’s a symbol of female strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. The kind bloom of Mimosa is sturdy and resilient and capable of catching the eyes of people and putting smiles on their faces.


Soft-petaled and sweet-scented, Peonies are elegant and graceful flowers that symbolize prosperity, romance, good fortune, and a happy marriage. Peonies are celebrated in Chinese culture as “the king of flowers”, and signify feminine sensibility and strength.


With their spectacular colors and ruffled petals, Carnations symbolize feminine love and fascination. Therefore, they are the most loving flowers to give to the women in your life. The flower is well-known, especially for Mother's Day. In the USA, the Carnations are the official Mother's Day flower.

Carnations are available throughout the year and are incredibly hardy, so as long as you keep them protected from direct sunlight and heat as well as refreshing their water, these blooms will last up to around three weeks in a vase.


Lilies are often associated with many qualities, for instance, beauty, virtue, purity, and the like, and are a classic choice for bridal bouquets. The trumpet-shaped blooms and stems tend to stand out irrespective of time from the crowd. Pink lilies were the symbols of fertility and femininity, and Roman and Greek brides threaded pink lilies through them. That’s because they believed that lilies would bring them family, fortune, and happiness.


That’s all about the flowers that symbolize femininity. We assessed many types of flowers that symbolize femininity. Now that you’re aware, you can simply order one of your favorite flowers from the Flowers Next Door and make the most out of these flowers!

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