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How To Care For Hyacinths

When it comes to spring blooms, Hyacinths are one of the best ones. They are available in gorgeous pastel shades as amazing cut flowers from the month of November to May. You can showcase them at their best, simple and elegant.

You can arrange your hyacinths in a vase together in dainty colors to make your home filled with an amazing fragrance of spring.

Additionally, you can send a bouquet along with other spring flowers, for instance, tulips if you want a real, unique, and seasonal treat to your loved ones. In this guide, we’re going to let you know how to care for your cut hyacinths.

How To Care For Your Cut Hyacinths

After getting aware of the basics, it’s time to learn how to better care for your cut hyacinths. Hyacinths tend to be cut flowers that are grown from a bulb, therefore, the very time you get your cut hyacinths the stem at times may go a bit sandy. So, it’s better to wash the stems and try to remove them before you add them to your vase.

You should know that Hyacinths arrive in bud, hence, they may seem a little bit pale or colorless initially. Are you getting worried? Be sure! Hyacinths grow more vibrant as they bloom. We send hyacinths along with some of the bulbs which are still in competition. It’s the stubby base that’s visible that you’ll be able to see right at the bottom of the stem. It enables them to be durable and last longer, and you don’t need to cut them off.

In case you cut them off, they’re likely to open in a short span of time but may release a sap which results in clouding the water in the vase in no time. So, to ensure better care, you should consider changing the water on a regular basis. It would be better if you do it on a daily basis. It’ll play a vital role in keeping the water fresh and clean.

When you follow a frequent proper care of them, the hyacinths bloom. As they bloom, they are more likely to become quite heavy as hyacinths tend to have soft stems. It results in causing the flower to bend and ultimately break. When they bloom, you can simply trim them down and place them in an appropriately made vase to let them stay upright.

Some Tips for Hyacinth Arrangement

Are you feeling creative enough? If yes, then why don't you arrange your cut hyacinths together in posies in a small jam jar? Got an idea? Well, do so. When you’ve done it, just consider dotting them around your home so that you can welcome the appealing joys of spring to your entire home.

Hyacinths are an excellent choice for occasions arranged in springtime, for example, Mother’s Day and Easter. Besides, Hyacinths are an amazing bouquet choice for those in love with gardening. Now take a look at our wide-ranging Spring Flowers which includes hyacinths at Flower Next Door and buy one to decorate your home.


We discussed and let you know the tips on how to care for your cut hyacinths well-mannedly. Hopefully, you’ve got the idea! So employ it and care for hyacinths.

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