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Traditional Wedding Flowers

Are you on the lookout for the amazing flowers for your wedding? If you are, you can have the perfect blooms for your big day at Flowers Next Door. Through this guide, we’re going to assess traditional wedding flowers to make your wedding memorable.

Wedding season is around the corner and we know that flowers play a significant role on that very occasion. Although they are essential to decorate your wedding day, you may find it difficult to find and get the right wedding flowers.

There are many flowers like roses, Calla lilies, Hydrangeas, Peony, Gardenia, Orchid, Anemone, Tulips and the like that can be the best examples of traditional wedding flowers for your wedding. In this article, we’re going to describe some of the best traditional wedding flowers for your wedding.

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Roses are a classic flower for occasions like weddings. These amazing blooms are incredibly versatile with a wide variety of colors and sizes. Roses can be the right suit for your wedding. White roses tend to be the preferred choice for a traditional bridal bouquet, but red, lavender, pink, and peach roses can also be chosen for the pop of colors to be a right fit on your wedding palette.

Bloudy Mondial roses, Peony-like garden roses, or luxurious Avalanche roses can be excellent choices for roses front and center. Smaller varieties, for instance, spray roses, or sweetheart roses can beautifully decorate your wedding place. Roses are available all year round and can be used at weddings irrespective of season. Besides, they are more affordable than other flowers.


The next one of the traditional wedding flowers is Hydrangea. Its huge cloud-like blooms tend to make it the perfect choice for flowers for bridal bouquets. They bring both volume and instant vintage charm. White and blue hydrangeas are most liked and well-known, however, they come in a veritable rainbow of many other colors. These include all the shades of purple, pink, green and red.

When you’ve so many varieties of Hydrangeas available, you can choose the one that suits your wedding style or color scheme. You can simply opt to choose the sultry purples, or deep ruby reds for an astonishing finishing touch to any autumnal palette, or pastel pink and white hydrangeas for a charming and romantic look. Besides, Hydrangeas can also be an excellent alternative for wedding table centers and centerpieces.

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are one of the best choices for popular traditional wedding flowers. They tend to bring instant luxury and elegance to your wedding arrangement. Their sleek, trumpet-shaped Calla Lilies are ideal selections when it comes to creating a modern look that’s perfect for more minimalist wedding bouquets.

White calla lilies are classic at weddings, however, there’s no reason for you to stick to this only choice and not go for something more colorful. This is because they are available in a variety of shades from bright sunny yellows to hot ruby and pink reds you could wish for your wedding. Calla lilies are available all year round, therefore, you can choose them regardless of the reason or date you have chosen for your wedding.


When it comes to traditional wedding flowers, Peonies are the right choice. Everyone goes wild for these astonishing blooms because of their endless attributes. With their huge blooms and soft ruffled petals, peonies tend to embody romance and they make amazingly beautiful statements.

Peonies are eye-catching and all you need are some generous sprays of greenery to create truly stunning arrangements for your wedding. In case you need to add more flowers, you can use the incredibly amazing looks of peonies with blooms such as roses, lisianthus, and ranunculus.


That’s all there’s to it! Weddings are one of the occasions you wish to be memorable for a long long time. Flowers can decorate your weddings to be so but for that you need to find the right flowers. In this article, we explore many types of traditional wedding flowers. Now that you know the best flowers, you can buy the best wedding flowers at Flowers Next Door. Order now!

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